IQ Panel - FAQs (discontinued)

  • Can you connect any Hardwired Smokes or CO's to IQ Panel?

    The IQ Panel is not certified or designed to support any hardwired Smoke or CO detectors. This includes hardwired directly to the panel inputs, as well as any hardwired translators. Qolsys supports a device which can be used to listen to hardwired smoke detectors called the Firefighter: http://...
  • Dual-path Communication - Cellular and IP signals

    Dual-path communication refers to a special feature on the IQ Panel that allows signals to be sent to Alarm.com and forward to a central station using two different pathways; Cellular and Wifi/IP. The advantage of using Dual-path allows for redundancy of signals as a fail-over. In addition, it ca...
  • How long will IQ Panel backup battery last for?

    The IQ Panel battery is a dual-celled Li-Io battery. It is UL certified to last 24 hours in case of a power-outage. The actual battery life could be shorter depending on the circumstances of activity like touching the screen and sensor events.
  • How long will it take to recharge a depleted battery?

    If a battery is fully depleted due to things like unplugging power or an extended power outage, allow up to 24 hours for it to recharged fully.
  • How large is the IQ Panel's memory storage capacity?

    The IQ Panel has 4GB of built in Flash storage. Some free space can be used to upload images to the Photo Frame app, add custom FAQ's and help videos.
  • Displaying Weather on the IQ Panel

    When creating an account with Alarm.com be sure to select "Weather to panel" to receive that option The IQ Panel displays the weather based on the Zip Code entered on the account through Alarm.com The IQ Panel will display a 4 day forecast when clicking on the main weather icon Alarm.com sends we...
  • How loud is the IQ Panel built-in siren?

    The IQ Panel boasts a built-in, SIA rated-90dB piezo siren to create a loud audible alert in an alarm event.
  • How to do a factory reset of an IQ Panel

    Factory reset, or "Master Reset" of an IQ Panel can be performed within the highest dealer level admin settings (default code 2-2-2-2). Press Settings (enter dealer code default 2-2-2-2) --> Installation --> Upgrade Software --> Master Reset (Yes to continue)
  • What are the built-in speakers used for?

    The IQ Panel has two speakers located on the right and left side. Both speakers are positioned strategically so that the sound reflects off the wall behind the panel. One speaker is dedicated for panel sounds such as chimes, voices and alerts etc.. The other is dedicated specifically for the 2-W...
  • What are the physical dimensions of the IQ Panel?

    The panel is 1.5" Depth x 8" Width x 5" Height. It must be mounted in front of the wall and not inside the wall flush mounted due to the cooling vents on the top.
  • What happens when the IQ Panel loses power?

    In the event of a power loss, by default the IQ Panel will enter a power saving mode (Power Management) which can be toggled through the installer settings. Touch "Settings" and enter installer code (default is 1111) Touch "Installation" Touch "Security Account" Then check or uncheck the "Power ...
  • What purpose does Android serve on the IQ Panel?

    Having an Android operating system enables valuable features such as custom naming, text to speech, secure updates, 10 different chime sounds and an easy user interface. For Qolsys it helps us develop new features, faster and better than the competition, while providing a proven and reliable op...
  • Can you use an external hardwired siren with IQ Panel?

    You can connect a single hardwired siren directly to the IQ Panel. The specifications are as follows: Siren Output Wired x1 Powered external siren 6-12v DC 120 mA See specifications page 110 of IQ Panel Installation Manual
  • IQ Panel Backup Battery Trouble and Replacement

    We advise to check and replace IQ Panel backup batteries once every 3 years. For proper battery replacement instructions, refer to page 100 of the IQ Panel Installation Manual, or the battery replacement guide found on our dealer website. Indications of battery trouble on IQ Panel: About batter...
  • Screen display is not turning on by pressing Home button

    Why is the IQ Panel screen display not turning on when I press the hard Home button? The home button will NOT wake up the screen when it is in the off or night time mode. The home button is designed to bring you back to home screen when display is illuminated, however not when the screen is in th...
  • What are HW1 and HW2 inputs for, and what type of resister do they need?

    The IQ Panel contains 2 Hardwired Inputs, labeled HW1 and HW2., + and -. These inputs are designed to support Door/window contacts, motion detectors, or glass-breaks ONLY. If using a motion or glass-break, you must have an external power supply. The resister must be 4.7k Ohms ONLY. The inputs are...
  • What does it mean in my Alarms "Timer expired?"

    Timer expired refers the the entry delay timer to disarm the system before an alarm. If there is an alarm, it will also say Zone Name, Time, and "Timer Expired" meaning the system was not disarmed in time before the Entry Delay expired. When a zone alarm is triggered, there will be a red bubble a...
  • How many devices does the IQ Panel support?

    59 RF Devices 5 Image Sensors 3 IQ2 Secondary Tablets (EOL since January 2017) 70 Z-Wave devices
  • Missing top retaining screw for mounting to IQ Panel backplate

    You are looking for an M2.5x6 pan head machine screw. We do not sell or ship these separately since it is such a small item. They are very similar to screws in many laptops and you can find them in most hardware stores or on Amazon.
  • Restore a Qolsys IQ Panel to a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 / 2+

    It is possible to back up sensor programming and user codes from a Qolsys IQ panel and restore those settings to a Qolsys IQ Panel 2. Once a Qolsys IQ panel is backed up on the Partner Portal, this can be applied to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. Important considerations Panel programming setting...