Compatibility list of IQ2/IQ Panel devices

The IQ2 or IQ2.1 Secondary Touchscreen Panels are compatible with all the IQ Panel / DSC Touch models

Model Number of compatible IQ2 secondary panels:
IQ2 - QW9100-840-00
IQ2.1 - QW9101-840-00

Model Number of IQ Panels compatible:
QS9004-840-00-00 (CDMA)
QS9014-840-00-02 (AT&T)
QS9014-124-00-04 (Rogers)
QS9014-484-00-06 (Telefonica)
DSC Touch models **

Firmware Versions of IQ Panel and IQ2 Panels compatibility list

IQ Panel QOL-1.4.3 - IQ2-1.4
IQ Panel QOL-1.5.3 - IQ2-1.5
IQ Panel QOL 1.6.2 - IQ2-1.6.2

***Check with DSC for model numbers

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