How to integrate your IQ system with Control 4

Control4 Integration with IQ2 and IQ4

Your Control4 system can integrate with the IQ2 panel without adding any additional hardware. The IQ2 & IQ4 panel supports SDDP and be integrated using this feature through Composer software when integrating into a Control4 system.

Control4 integration has been and is likely going to continue to be a security only integration. Once the IQ panel has been integrated into the Control4, Control4 does have some automation hooks that can be executed based off of IQ panel security actions. For example, when a door opens (information from the security panel) the Control4 pro can program a light to turn on (through Control4).

The following requirements must be met in order to integrate the IQ2 panel into a Control4 system:

•IQPanel2 must be on 2.4.0 software or later
•IQPanel and Control4 system must be on the same network
•6-digit user codes must be enabled on IQ2+ operating on 2.6.2 or later
•IQPanel 3rd Party Connections setting must be enabled
•IQPanel secure token must be revealed and noted for integration
•For IQ4 panel OS must be on 4.1.0 or later

NOTE: The Control4 driver is the same driver for any IQ panel that supports the integration.

IQ2 must be on 2.4.0 IQ4 must be on 4.1.0 software or later

To verify the operating software on the IQ2 or IQ4 go to:

Settings --> Advanced Settings --> About
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.31.49 AM.png

IQ2 or IQ4 and Control4 system must be on the same network

A simple check might be to note the IP address of the Control4 controller and the IP address of the IQ2 and verify that they are both on the same network IP scheme. The first three octets must match, for example: 192.168.1.X

6-Digit User Codes must be enabled (version 4.1.0 or later on IQ4 and 2.6.2 on IQ2+)

Go to: Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Installation --> Dealer Settings
(default 6-digit user codes are the same but now add two zeros 0, 0)Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.14.17 AM.png

IQ2 or IQ4 3rd party connections setting must be enabled

Go to: Settings --> Advanced Settings (ENTER YOUR DEALER CODE) --> Installation --> Devices --> Wi-Fi Devices
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.17.41 AM.png

Touch the box that says Control4. Once touched the panel will display a pop up indicating a panel reboot to enable the Control4 integration.  Touch OK to confirm and the panel will reboot. When the panel reboots you have 10 minutes to integrate the panel. If the 10 minute timer has expired before the panel is integrated into Control4, the panel will reboot causing this setting to be disabled.
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.18.26 AM.png

Once back up and running this setting will be enabled.

IQ2 or IQ4 Secure Access token must be revealed

Go to: Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Installation --> Devices --> Wi-Fi Devices
Touch the reveal secure token on the IQ2 or IQ4 in the Wi-Fi Device setting.
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.32.59 AM.png
This will reveal the access token.
It is recommended that you make a note of this token in the notes section of Composer since this will likely never change as long as the panel never gets replaced or the regenerate new token option is never touched.  This access token will be unique to each IQ2+ or IQ4 panel.  With the access token revealed and noted put this into the access token section in composer located in the properties section when you highlight the IQ Panel driver in system design.  In the properties screen of the IQ2 driver place the token and press Set.

Add Qolsys driver to Control4 system

Qolsys IQ panel supports SDDP, and should show up in the discovered devices tab.  If the panel shows up in the discovered tap, simply double click on that driver and it will auto add to the project into the project tree on the left of system design depending on what room was highlighted.  If the panel doesn't show up in the list of discovered devices search for the driver on the online data base. Type in Qolsys.  The IQPanel2 Security Panel drive will work for both the IQ2+ and the IQ4.

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.25.55 AM.png
Add the Token to the driver in Composer
In composer, still in system design to to the properties screen when highlighted on the added driver and enter the Token taken from the panel and touch set.
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.35.35 AM.png

Identify the IQ Panel into Control4
Go to Connections > IP Connections in Composer.  Highlight the IQ Panel driver, and double click to add the IP address to manually address the IQ Panel into Control4.  Please note that if using SDDP, the driver will have already been identified in the previous steps via the Mac address of the IQ Panel.  If manually adding the IP address of IQ Panel into Composer, it is always recommended to use MAC IP reservation so the IP address of the IQ Panel doesn't change - therefore disconnecting the panel from Control4.

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 9.39.35 AM.png

Additional programming

If you have added the driver using SDDP to your Control4 project all that is left to do is add the generic sensor drivers for each zone.  For example, for a front door add the generic door driver and label it Front Door.  Then go to connections and bind that generic driver to the zone output that has automatically been populated as zone Front Door.  The auto populated zones list will for the IQ2 panel will pull into Composer automatically on initial setup.  If the list doesn't update properly, delete the driver and add it back in using that noted Access Token from the previous step.

With the added generic drivers bound you can now program based off of events from the IQ2 panel.  A few examples might be:

-    when a door opens turn on a light
-    when a door closes turn off a light
-    when the garage opens send an email notification

Known issues:

-    Entry chimes don't work on the integrated Control4 touch panels.
-    The update button in system design that is designed to query the IQ2 panel for an updated list of zones doesn't work (6-1-2020)
-    With partitions enabled, the driver should support two while four are enabled on IQ Panel.  The arm/disarm function is known to not update the Control4 interface properly from partition 2.  Works best without partitions enabled.

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