Best Practices - IQWIFI6

Best IQ WIFI6 Practices

IQ WIFI6 is a purpose built mesh router for pros. Features include a dedicated security partition to help keep security devices connected at all times. Its recommended when rolling out IQ WIFI6 to consider a few things, which is the purpose of this document.

  1. First familiarize yourself with the product by reviewing our Quickstart guide and Installation Guide: https://qolsys.com/iq-wifi-6/
  2. Decide on the type of topology you are going to install IQ WIFI 6 in. WIFI6 supports a stand-alone configuration or a configuration in parallel.
    1. Stand-Alone configuration is great for improving connectivity for ALL Wi-Fi devices on the network by offering support for the entire network.
    2. Parallel configuration is great for keeping the security and smart-home devices private/hidden from the rest of the Wi-Fi connected devices.Image 6-14-23 at 3.03 PM.jpg
  3. When adding Agents consider the environment. Each WIFI6 unit can cover about 1500 ft2. Kitchens, for example are like faraday cages. Place Agents from the inside out, working to overlap wireless signals. A good connection between Agents is better than -70dBm. To see the RSSI value log into the webUI address @ Username: admin Password: written on the bottom of the Controller. On the main landing page scroll down to the Agent section. While looking at the RSSI values, note the Agents connectivity by looking at the 5g_RX Rate and the 5g_TX. If communicating on 2g the Agents are on the fring and should be moved closer to the Controller or you could add another Agent for better connectivity. The RX and TX rates should be above 300 for optimal performance. Image 6-14-23 at 3.10 PM.jpg
  4. Register your IQ WIFI6 to Alarm.com through MobileTech.
  5. When connecting devices to IQ WIFI6, connect to the main network name or SSID. IQ products (remotes and panels) will automatically move to the Security Partition. Alarm.com security appliances will need to be moved manually. This can be done from Alarm.com. Log into the customer site, remote tool kit > navigate to Wireless Network under Video settings. Touch Access Point > select the SSID or Access Point and check the Apply these settings to all wireless cameras on the account. To finalize > touch Continue. Note: the Security Partition/SSID or Network Name can not be altered.Image 6-14-23 at 3.29 PM.jpg
  6. Each IQ WIFI6 has a unique SSID and Password that can be found on the bottom of the Controller. Each Agent added to the Controller will take on the same characteristics of the Controller. The Wi-Fi encryption and WebUI password are the same out of the box, but are separate. Meaning, if you change the Wi-Fi encryption in order to change the WebUI password you must log into the WebUI to make that change. It is recommended when installing in a paralleled network that the installer change the default passwords to something unique.

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