How do I use 1-10K resistors with my 16-F Hardwire Translator - Legacy Mode

First you need to verify if your 16-F Hardwire Translator supports Legacy mode, look at the serial number printed on the box EXAMPLE : CHVA194000662

These numbers reflect the year and week the device was manufactured, in this Example it is year 2019 week 40 all translators manufactured after this date code will support the 1-10K Resistor Mode.

**RESISTOR MODES:**Change between two distinct resistor modes. The default mode is “UL Mode” where 4.7k resistors are required on each zone. In this mode the Processor LED blinks rapidly (8 times per second).
If UL installation is not required, “EOL Resistor Learning” can be enabled. In this mode the Processor LED blinks slowly (1 time per second) and any resistor value from 1k to 10k can be used.
NOTE: Zone16isdedicatedfor2-wire smokes and requires a 4.7k resistor regardless of Resistor Mode.
To change modes, first power down the unit by unplugging the battery leads and the power supply. Next hold down “EOL LEARN” for 8 seconds while re-applying power to the device. Processor, RF Xmit and EOL CAL LED’s will begin to flash rapidly indicating that the mode has been changed.

Please note: All 16-F Hardwire Translators (QS7134-840) IQ Hardwire 16-F (Large Enclosure) Support Legacy mode.

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