What signal boosters are compatible with Alarm.com?

Compatible signal boosters

The following ClearRF signal boosters are compatible with Alarm.com.

Signal Booster Model:
1) ClearRF WRE5500-S

Compatible Network:
2G, 3G, and 4G LTE


2) ClearRF WRE-2710-S

Compatible Network:
2G and 3G


How signal boosters work:

Signal boosters should be used in cases where there is low cellular phone coverage. It is recommended to try connecting an 18 foot antenna to increase signal strength before purchasing and attempting to use an antenna booster.

Adding a booster does not guarantee cellular coverage and the signal strength should be tested after installing the antenna booster. The ClearRF signal boosters include Passive Bypass Technology which means that the signal booster passively connects the device with the external antenna in case of a power outage. The booster does not amplify the signal when this occurs, but it prevents complete loss of signal.

Note: The magnetic antenna is rated for outdoor use.

Power supply information

If a system with a signal booster loses power and it does not have a UPS backup, the boosterstopsboosting the signal, which could cause a panel to lose connectivity with Alarm.com. Certifications require systems to maintain connectivity for certain periods of time after losing power, so a UPS backup should always be used when installing a signal booster with an Alarm.com system.

Expected results
Based on our own tests, signal boosters typically increases signal strength by about one bar.

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