How to upgrade from 1.5 and below

If your version is behind or incompatible with the IQ Panel, you're IQ2 must be updated over Wifi using this process.

  1. Delete IQ2 from main panel
  2. Do two master resets on IQ2(s) back-to-back
  3. Reconnect to Wifi on IQ2
  4. Grab IP address and add to main panel, stay on Wifi connect screen
  5. Add IQ2 to main panel DO NOT PING after adding
  6. Go immediately to Upgrade Software --> enter Patch Tag "iq2163" and IQ2 Panel Upgrade Using Network.
  7. Press OK when done. DO NOT TOUCH IQ2 for up to 10 minutes
  8. IQ2 will reboot itself and finish installation process of upgrade
Aug 22, 2023

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