How many devices does the IQ Panel 2 support?

The IQ Panel 2 supports up to:

128 security and life safety devices. This includes every type including but not limited to door/windows, motions/PIRs, glass-breaks, floods, smokes, CO's, key-fobs, etc. Including up to 3 IQ Remote Secondary keypads


Z-wave Devices total allowed:
10 Thermostats
15 Smart Sockets
20 Door Locks
80 Lights
21 Other devices
6 Garage Doors

= 152 total Z-wave devices


5 Bluetooth phones to act as digital key-fobs


Note: The default limits are lower than the maximum so the setting must be increased by the dealer or installer.

Thermostats 3 Maximum number of supported Thermostats is 6
Smart Sockets* 0 Maximum number of supported IQ Smart Sockets is 15
Lights 5 Max number of supported Z-Wave light modules is 80
Door Locks 3 Maximum number of supported Z-Wave Door Locks is 6
Other Z-Wave Devices 3 Maximum number of misc Z-Wave devices is 21
Garage Doors 3 Maximum number of Garage Doors is 6

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