Loss of cellular connectivity (IQPanel2)

If you are experiencing a "Panel Not Responding" or a loss of cellular connection with an IQ Panel 2, try the following steps.

  1. Make sure system still has power. Check for any recent power outages or low battery alerts.
  2. Make sure the Alarm.com account is created with the correct IMEI/MEID #
  3. Make sure it is installed in an area with good LTE coverage for the carrier of the SIM card
  4. Try doing a soft reboot by selecting Panel Reboot
  5. Run a cellular test manually from the panel
  6. Make sure the IMEI is registered in alarm.com as soon as possible. Once you register it verify with either Verizon Or AT&T or whichever carrier and register the SIM. sometime this can take a few minutes.-
  7. Run a cell test, if it fails then reboot and try again.
  8. check for carrier coverage on the ADC site.
  9. Run a Dualpath test using WIFI to get comm going to ADC. The cell radio usually catches up afterwards.

Call Alarm.com Support or Qolsys for further troubleshooting with one of our agents

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