TSB #: 211210
DATE: 12/10/21

Immediate Action Required

Early AT&T panels used a provisional VoLTE firmware version which later changed when VoLTE was fully released, and immediate action is required to keep these Panels online before the AT&T 3G sunset occurs.

Beginning on 12/13/21 you will be able to run a report from the Alarm.com Partner Portal, Business Intelligence section, of the AT&T panels that require a firmware update to the cellular radio in order to remain connected and operational. Set the report to filter "Critical Firmware Upgrade (ATT3GSunset)" trouble condition name.


If no action is taken on these Panels, they will lose cellular connectivity on the AT&T 3G Sunset date.

Step 1: Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi connectivity is required in order for the Panel to receive the needed firmware update. Panels that are not
connected to Wi-Fi will not be able to download the cellular radio firmware. Connecting to Wi-Fi may be done
locally at the Panel (Dealer, Installer or Master Code) or remotely from the Alarm.com Partner Portal under
Signaling/Broadband Settings.

Additionally, on 12/13/21 Alarm.com will enable a tool that allows end users to connect the Panel to Wi-Fi on
their own via the Alarm.com App or Alarm.com Customer website. If you prefer to not have it enabled for your
customers, please ask your Alarm.com representative to disable it for your Dealer ID:


Step 2: Upgrade Panel Software

Once connected to Wi-Fi, a Panel software update MAY be required in some cases before it can receive the
needed firmware update to the cellular radio. Panels running software version 2.3.0 or lower need to be updated
to a minimum of 2.3.1 or higher. Software updates can be done locally from the Panel with a correct Patch Tag, or
remotely via the Alarm.com Partner Portal.

Step 3: Upgrade Cellular Firmware - ATT3GSunset

Once a Panel is connected to Wi-Fi and running software 2.3.1 or higher, a firmware patch needs to be pushed to
update the cellular radio. This firmware will keep IQ Panel 2's connected to the cellular network after the AT&T
3G Sunset. This update can be applied locally at the Panel with a Patch Tag, or remotely via the Alarm.com
Partner Portal and will be available for manual and bulk updates.
Patch Tag:   ATT3GSunset

Lastly, beginning Monday, January 10th, this ATT3GSunset update will be automatically deployed to WiFiconnected panels that have not already received the update. This automatic update process will proceed through
the queue of eligible panels 7 days a week during daytime hours (8am to 8pm local). Note: As part of this
update, a system reboot will occur.

If you have questions, we can help.
Qolsys & Alarm.com will be co-hosting a webinar on this subject on December 17th, 2021 2:00 PM EST

Click here to register for AT&T 3G Sunset Webinar


• Question: How can I tell if my Panels have received the Cellular Firmware after sending the update?
• Answer: From the Alarm.com Partner Portal click on the Alarm.com Serial Number link, then scroll down
and verify that the Modem Version ends in 0025. Versions ending in 0003, 0004 & 0026 are
unaffected by this TSB and already have the correct cellular radio firmware.
• Question: Why is the patch only needed on some panels?
• Answer: Early AT&T panels used a provisional VoLTE firmware version which later changed when VoLTE
was fully released. These early panels need to be updated to the current standard.
• Question: Does this issue only affect AT&T Panels?
• Answer: This 3G sunset update is for the AT&T network exclusively. Other carrier network products are not
affected, and require no action at this time.
• Question: What if there is no Wi-Fi at the installed location in order to update the Panel software or Cellular
• Answer: Both Panel software and Cellular Firmware can be manually loaded with an SD Card file if
needed. For more information and to download the correct files, visit  https://dealers.qolsys.com/ software-downloads/

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