Connecting the Skybell to built-in Access Point

You will need Pro Video and Doorbell Cameras enabled on your Alarm.com service plan.

  1. From the Alarm.com app and go to drop-down menu - select Doorbell Camera
  2. Add Doorbell Camera
  3. Select Begin
  4. Name your doorbell device
  5. Go to your Wifi settings on your phone and select the Skybell Wifi
  6. Connect to the open network on your phone
  7. Go back to Alarm.com app
  8. Turn on panel Access Point --> Advanced Settings --> Installation --> Devices --> Wi-Fi Devices --> Access Point Settings --> Enable WI-FI Access Point
  9. On the Alarm.com app, select your panel Access-Point SSID network and connect using password
  10. Join the network and wait a few minutes while it sets up
  11. The Doorbell Camera will sync. The Doorbell camera’s LED will follow this pattern:
  • Double-Flash Orange (~30 seconds)
  • Alternating Blue/Green (~30 seconds)
  • Solid Green Note: if the LED gets stuck on the double-flash orange mode then the incorrect Wi-Fi credentials were entered.

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