IQ Power Switch PG - Enrollment and Operation

To Enroll the IQ Power Switch PG:

1) Ensure the IQ Panel is at V4.4.0 or higher.
2) Enter Advanced Settings in the IQ Panel, and select: “Installation > Devices > Automation > Auto Learn Devices”


3) Press and hold both buttons on the IQ Power Switch PG, until the LED turns orange (approximately 2 seconds), then release both buttons.

orange led.png

4) Enter the parameters of the device:
       Sensor Name: Select or enter a custom name.
       Pin Code: Leave this blank, or enter the 8 digit pin code written on the device sticker.
       Activation LED: Enable or disable the status LED.



Note how the device LED blinks 3 times once the device is networked with the panel.

IQ Switch PG: Manual Operation

manual operation.png

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