Manage network settings on the IQ WiFi 6 from Alarm.com

Once the IQ WiFi 6 is connected to a customer account, network settings (i.e., port forwarding, DHCP reservations, and Wi-Fi information) can be managed using the Customer Website or the web interface. The Security network information can also be viewed remotely using Partner Portal or MobileTech app.

For more information about connecting the IQ WiFi 6 to a customer account, see Connect the IQ WiFi 6 to a customer account.

Note: If multiple IQ WiFi 6 devices are used at a location, one device will be in the Controller role and all additional IQ WiFi 6 devices will be Agents that act as access points for the controller. The Controller and Agents create a mesh network that shares Security, Primary, and Guest network information.

Manage network settings

Network settings can be managed using the Customer Website or locally using the web interface.

Changes can also be made using the Partner Portal when using the Log In As Customer feature if your dealer rep login permissions allow it.

To manage network settings using the Customer Website (Recommended):
Log into the Customer Website.

  1. In the Wi-Fi card, click
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Manage desired network settings.
    • To manage the primary or guest network information:
      • In Wi-Fi, click Edit for Primary Network or Guest Network.
      • Configure the network information.

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  • Click Save. A confirmation message appears. Updates will display on the page once the device has processed it.
  • To create port forwarding rules:
    • In Port Forwarding, click New Rule.
    • Configure the port forwarding rule.

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  • Click Save. The new rule displays once the page is refreshed.

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  • To create DHCP Reservations:
    • In DHCP Reservations, click New Reservation.
    • Configure the port forwarding rule.   Important: The IQ WiFi 6 may require a restart for the new IP address to take effect.

Image 6-14-23 at 3.57 PM.jpg

  • Click Save. The new reservation displays once the page is refreshed.

To manage network settings locally using the web interface:

  1. Using an Internet browser on a device locally connected to the IQ WiFi 6 network, navigate to in the URL.
  2. Login to the router.
    • Default user name and password:
      • Username: admin
      • Password: located on the bottom of each IQ WiFi 6 unit.   Note: Once the password has been changed from the default password, the only way to access IQ WiFi 6 web interface is by using the new updated password. If forgotten, the only other way to gain access is to perform a master reset on the IQ WiFi 6 by pressing and holding the physical reset button for 20 seconds.
  3. Click Network to manage network settings.
  4. Click to select the settings to manage:
    • Interfaces: Interface overview
    • WIFI: Change Wi-Fi network information (e.g., password), wireless overview, associated stations, and agents.
    • DHCP and DNS: Dnsmasq is a combined DHCPServer and DNS-Forwarder for NAT firewalls and static assigned addresses.
    • Firewall: General settings, port forwards, and traffic rules tabs.
    • Speed Test: Test ISP speed between server and IQ WiFi 6.
    • Mesh: Mesh allows user changer mesh related settings.

The following image is from the device installation guide. For more information about using the web interface, see https://qolsys.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/English-IQWIFI-6-Install-GuideNovember2022.pdf
Image 6-14-23 at 3.58 PM.jpg

View the Security network credentials

The Security network is created for Alarm.com devices to be connected to. This allows security devices to be on a separate secure network that stays connected even when customers decide to change their Wi-Fi network information. The Security network credentials cannot be changed, but the password can be viewed using the Partner Portal or MobileTech app.

To view the Security network password using the Partner Portal

  1. Log into the Partner Portal.
  2. Find the customer account.
  3. Click Equipment.
  4. Click Access Points.
  5. In Wi-Fi Network Information, click to expand the Security network.
  6. Click Show Password.

To view the Security network password using the MobileTech app

  1. Log into the MobileTech app.
  2. Find the customer account.
  3. Tap Equipment.
  4. Tap Access Points.
  5. Tap to expand Wi-Fi Network Information.
  6. Tap to expand the Security network.
  7. Tap Show Password.

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