IQ Smart Socket PG - Enrollment and Factory reset

Please follow the steps below to enroll:

1) Ensure the IQ Panel firmware is compatible i.e., 4.4.0 or higher.
2) Enter Advanced Settings in the IQ Panel, and select:  “Installation > Devices > Automation > Auto Learn Devices”

automation.png  autolearn.png

3) Press and hold both buttons on the IQ Smart Socket PG, until the LED turns orange (approximately 2 seconds), then release both buttons.


4) Enter the parameters of the device:
Sensor Name: Select or enter a custom name.
Pin Code: Leave this blank, or enter the 8 digit pin code written on the device sticker.
Activation LED: Enable or disable the status LED.

enroll.png  parameters.png

Note: It may be difficult to see the status of the enrollment while holding the buttons (left LED turns yellow).

Note that the device LED blinks 3 times once the device is networked with the panel.

Note: This device enrolls as two separate automation devices.

This means you can individually edit the devices parameters (such as device name), as well as control the outlets individually on the IQ Panel, IQ Remote and through Alarm.com.


Resetting the device - Factory reset

1) Press and hold both buttons until the LED turns orange (approximately 2 seconds).
2) Release both buttons.
3) Press and hold both buttons again until the LED turns red (approximately 5 seconds), the LED will flash 3 times.
4) Release both buttons.

Note, if the device was enrolled into an IQ Panel during the reset, it will need to be re-enrolled after the reset.

Sep 12, 2023

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