Steps to update IQ Panel 2 - Version 2.0.1

The newly release IQ Panel 2 must be updated upon initial install and activation. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. If the panel has an existing Alarm.com account it must first be deleted. Go to the Dealer website and terminate the ADC Account.
  2. Connect the Panel to Wi-Fi, go to: Settings/Advanced Settings/WI-FI and then connect to a network.
  3. Check for a software update, go to: Settings/Advanced Settings/Upgrade Software then press Upgrade Using Network. This will then update the panel to the new “iqpanel2.0.1” version. NOTE: THE 2.0.1 UPDATE WILL FACTORY DEFAULT THE PANEL AND WILL DELETE ALL SENSORS, ETC.
  4. After the Panel is updated, verify the software updated correctly in Settings/Advanced Settings/About/Software (IQPanel2.0.1), then Reboot the Panel again. Go to: Settings/Advanced Settings/Panel Reboot.
  5. After the Panel reboots, verify that the Wi-Fi is turned off. If not, then turn off Wi-Fi.
  6. Create a new ADC account for this panel. NOTE: Don’t turn on Wi-Fi just yet
  7. Run Cell test and verify that the test passes.
  8. Now Connect the panel to Wi-Fi.
  9. Finally, run the Dual-path test and verify that the test passes. Settings/Advanced Settings/System Tests/Dual Path Test.
  10. Arm / Disarm Panel and observe results; arm and disarm messages should be received and displayed in ADC Dealer Site History.
  11. If the Dealer site (history) fails to see the arm / disarm commands, then the panel and ADC account is out of sync. Contact ADC Tech Support and have them re-sync the panel (“Resend Initialization Commands”).

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