How to properly update the IQ Panel 2+ from 2.5.0 / 2.5.1 software

Here are the proper steps on how to properly update the IQ Panel 2/2+ if running 2.5.0 / 2.5.1 software version.

Master reset the IQ Panel 2/2+ (settings - advanced settings - dealer code - installation - dealer settings - Master reset.) then connect back to WIFI

Apply the 2.5.3 software version patch tag (advanced settings - dealer code - upgrade software - patch tag (iqpanel2.5.3) select ok - upgrade using network. Please note the panel will look like its applying the 2.5.3 software, but it actually applies a mini patch first.

Once the panel comes back from attempting to update to 2.5.3 software wait 5-10 minutes then go into programming and do a panel reboot (advanced settings - dealer code - panel reboot.) once the panel has been rebooted it will perform another automatic update within 10-15 minutes and should be on the 2.5.3 software version.

After these steps have been applied, the IQ Panel 2/2+ is required to update to 2.5.5 software (patch tag iqpanel2.5.5) then it will allow you to update to the latest software version.

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