What does Panel Motion Detector do?

Panel Motion Detector is a feature which uses the IQ Panel built in camera as a motion detector. It will detect a person walking by, and trip the motion. It can only be learned into the panel as a 25-Safety Motion which is a Non-reporting sensor, meaning it will not set off your alarm at any point. You may use it for information only, or you can set up various rules for automating your devices. Ex: If Panel Motion Detector is triggered --> Turn on Hallway Light.
The feature is great for automating your lights in entry ways and hallways, or anywhere your panel is installed!

Note 1: The panel motion detector sleeps for 4 minutes just like other wireless motion detectors.
Note 2: The setting "Panel IP Camera" precludes Panel Motion Detector from being enabled, and it will be grayed out in the settings.
Note 3: The panel must have AC power

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