**TSB #:**200226
Release Notes:
New Features:

  • Added a new Sensor Group (53) and Sensor Type (High Temperature) for use with environmental temperature sensors like the IQ Temp (QS5515-840) and the PowerG Temperature Detector (PG9905).
  • Added a new Sensor Group (25 - Non Reporting) for Sensor Types: Water, Temperature & Freeze. This allows environmental sensors to report to Alarm.com but not to the Central Station if desired.
  • Added support for Sump Pump integration via Alarm.com when the Water Management service plan is enabled.
  • Added the ability to delete a failed Z-Wave node from Alarm.com.
  • Added software and settings to support European CE & EN Grade 2 certification testing.
  • Added the following new languages to the Panel: Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic. Other Fixes/Improvements:
  • Increased the Sensor Name length from 24 characters to 56 characters.
  • Photo Frame Start Time can now begin 1 minute after last touch.
  • Added the ability to send Panel overheat notification to Alarm.com.
  • New Motion Detector quick names added to the default Sensor Name library.
  • Disabling the Panel Camera setting on the Panel now disables the Panel Camera from the equipment list and tile from the Alarm.com backed and end user app.
  • Master Code now has access to Language Settings.
  • Made small language translation changes to Spanish & French (Canadian).
  • Added access to Help Videos on the final page of the Easy Install Wizard.
  • Improved Weather Icon mapping between the Panel and Alarm.com. IQ Remote Improvements:
  • Sound/Voices
    • Fixed an issue where IQ Remote could stop chiming.
    • Added Severe Weather Alert annunciation to IQ Remote when enabled on the primary Panel.
  • Network Connectivity
    • Fixed an issue where the IQ Remote could get stuck in the Network Reconnection page.
    • Addressed miscellaneous connection use cases to improve reliability.
  • Photo/Video Changes
    • Photo Frame images can now be pushed from the primary IQ Panel 2 to the IQ Remote.
    • Added the ability to record duress alarm videos from the built-in camera on the IQ Remote.
    • Disarm Photos from IQ Remote can now be enabled/disabled.
    • Modified “LiveView” cameras on the IQ Remote to be full screen.
    • Improved Alarm Image upload timing to the primary Panel.

Wellness Improvements:

  • Send Wellness “Check-in, Check-out” photos to Alarm.com when used with a service plan that has “Images- Plus” enabled.
  • Wellness Alarms now “ring” at the panel during a two-way voice call to provide end user feedback that a call is being made.
  • Added Wellness alarm voice annunciations.
  • Added automatic volume adjustment during a Wellness alarm event.
  • Added a change so that Wellness alarm notifications are automatically cleared after 12 hours. PowerG Improvements:
  • Added support for EOL resistor detection from the auxiliary wired input on the PG9945, PG9309 & PG9312.
  • “Group 2 - Fixed Silent” with PowerG single button panics (PG9938) & two button panics (PG9949) is now supported.
  • Added new settings to allow PowerG Supervision to be independent of Legacy RF supervision. Settable between 20 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 12 hrs, 18 hrs & 24 hrs.
  • PowerG Sensor re-syncing and Not Networked status are now dynamically displayed as part of the sensor status on the Home Page.
  • Added a Setting that allows the sounders in PowerG Smoke Detectors to act as additional sirens during all alarm types.
  • PowerG sensors now display in the Sensor Test during the Easy Install Wizard.
  • PowerG PIR CAM’s (PG9934P & PG9944) can now be used for visual verification at the Central Station for Fire and CO alarms.
  • Added support for the new PowerG Wireless Outdoor Curtain Motion (PG9902).
  • Added the ability to report Tamper for Visonic KP-140, KP-141 & KP-160.
  • The PowerG Sensor Test on the Panel now shows historical signal strength for PowerG sensors.
  • The strobe on PowerG Sirens (PG9901 & PG9911) now flash according to siren type.
  • Quick Exit now supported on the PowerG Keypad (WS9LCDWF9).
  • PowerG Keypad (WS9LCDWF9) buzzer now stops during a two-way voice session.
  • Support for PowerG Repeater (PG9920) AC failure notification.

Update Instructions:
Compatibility Note: Your IQ Panel must be on software version 2.0.1 or higher and connected to Wi-Fi to install this update wirelessly.
1- Swipe down from the top of the screen and touch “Settings" 2- Touch “Advanced Settings”

3- Enter a valid installer code (default is 1111)

4- Touch "Upgrade Software"5 -Touch “Patch Tag” and enter the patch ***iqpanel2.5.0***then touch OK

6- Touch "Upgrade Using Network" (panel must be connected to Wi-Fi). Update will download and install

7- Once complete touch "OK" to reboot the panel. **DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN.**The update process will take approximately 5 minutes. After the panel reboots the home screen will appear and the LED will turn green.For more information visit: https://dealers.qolsys.com/software-downloads/ or email: techsupport@qolsys.com

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