IQ Panel 2 / 2+ - Can you default the system without entering the dealer code?

Answer: No, not without active monitoring company assistance

Security companies and end user customers alike often want to reuse existing equipment including control panels.  In order to perform a master reset of the IQ Panel system, you must have a valid dealer code.

For security purposes, there is no backdoor into the system resetting the panel codes or any of the system data without entering the valid dealer code.  Only the dealer who owns and has direct access to the alarm.com account of the panel can reset installer/dealer/user codes remotely. Alarm.com accounts cannot be terminated by Qolsys or any other 3rd party besides the dealer who owns the panel's account. Qolsys return policy will not authorize a return until the account has first been released from Alarm.com.

Default panel codes can be found in the installation manual.

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