How to fill your own customized Dealer Contact Us page and logo

From an individual panel, you can change the Contact Us page information from the panel settings using the dealer code (2-2-2-2) default. Press the icon DEALER CONTACT and fill out the fields.

You can also set this on a macro level from your computer on the Alarm.com dealer website under the Dealer Account tag, found at the URL here: https://alarmadmin.alarm.com/ManageDealer/CustomerConnectionBranding.aspx?open=panel -

Note you must have the proper Alarm.com dealer site access to change the global dealer settings. Must be a SILVER level or above Alarm.com dealer.

Step by step:

Log into https://alarmadmin.alarm.com/Home.aspx
--> Go to Dealer Account --> Business Profile --> Manage My Brand --> Brand (enter your logo here) --> Branded Panel Display --> fill out the contact information. If you have not done this before or wish to update, check the box Push to Existing Customers

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