IQ Lock Power G - Not locking, not unlocking

There are a few possibilities as to why the IQ Lock Power G may not lock or may not unlock. Please see below:

1) The lock may not be “handing” (calibrated) for left or right door operation:

    a. Delete the lock from: Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Devices > Automation > Delete Device.
    b. Reset the device by:
        >Ensure the lock is in the unlocked position.
        >Removing the battery cover.
        >Insert the reset tool into the reset button slot for 5 seconds, until a beep is heard.
        >Allow the lock to calibrate (the lock will twist several times, then lock itself).
    c. Remove at least one battery from the lock.
    d. Re-Enroll the device in: Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Devices > Automation > Auto Learn Devices
    e. Insert the battery.
    f. The Power G ID appears on the screen, set the parameters and leave the Pin Code blank or enter the correct 8-digit Pin     Code printed on the sticker above the batteries.

2) Check for blockages in the door frame.

    a. Try locking and unlock the door by hand with the thumb turn or the key to ensure the lock is functioning.
    b. Try locking and unlocking the door with the door open to see if it operates.
        >If the lock does not work while the door is closed, there could be something blocking the deadbolt from entering/exiting         the door frame.
        >The status of the lock on the IQ Panel or IQ Remote may show “Jammed”.

3) Check the batteries
    a. If the batteries are low, the lock could have issues with operation, particularly in cold weather.

4) Check for damage on the cable connecting the exterior and interior assembly.
    a. This can happen if the interior assembly is connected to the cable and is dropped or intentionally left dangling by the     cable.

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