IQ Lock Power G - user code not unlocking the door

1) Check the user settings in the “Users” page of the Alarm.com end-user portal or app.

    a. Select the user and ensure the lock is enabled, or select one of the following:
        Access Type:
        At All Times:
    b. No restrictions, the user can unlock the door at any time.
        Restricted Schedule:
        Set a recurring schedule: Select days, start time and end time.
    c. Temporary Access:
        Set a “starting at” date and time and set an “ending at” date and time to automatically expire.

lock times.png

Note: The above options (At all times, Restricted Schedule and Temporary Access) are currently for future use and will become available in the future.

2) When typing a user code on the lock, the lock beeps 3 times (if the lock volume is on) and the IQ Lock button flashes red 3     times:

    a. The IQ Lock Power G is in lockout mode: an incorrect code has been entered 10 times in a row.

    b. Wait 3 minutes and the timeout will expire, allowing you to use the keypad again.

    c. You can still use the key, Alarm.com or the IQ Panel/IQ Remote to unlock the door.

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