IQ Lock Power G Operation

There are 4 ways to lock and unlock the IQ Lock Power G:

  1. Keys: Use the 2 included keys to lock and unlock the door.
  2. Built-in Keypad: a. Press and hold the “IQ Lock” button for 2 seconds to lock the door. b. Enter an access code, then press and release the IQ Lock button to unlock the door. c. In this example, the code is “3609”.
  3. Use the IQ Panel or an IQ Remote:

a. The IQ Lock Power G can be locked and unlocked from an IQ Panel and IQ Remote.
      b. Swipe from the home screen until you see the lock screen.
      c. Tap the lock on the left to switch from locked to unlocked, or from unlocked to locked.
      d. Select the “Lock All” or “Unlock All” options if you have multiple locks and want to affect all locks at the same time.

  1. Alarm.com:  a. Lock and unlock the door from the Alarm.com user app or browser interface.                                                                   b. Add the lock to a new or existing scene to automatically lock or unlock the door when the scene is activated.

Note: There is no emergency unlock operation if the battery dies and the user is outside, the key must be used.

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