IQ Lock Power G Installation and Enrollment


  1. Ensure the latch assembly is in the unlocked position before installation.
  2. The stock faceplate is rectangular, but a round drive-in collar is included in case the door requires it.
  3. Ensure the slotted hole is centred in the door hole; if not you must adjust the latch (see manual pg. 14 for details).
  4. Insert the 2 included wood screws to fasten the latch to the door.


5) Insert the exterior assembly into the door hole, take care with the following:

  1. Ensure the cable is placed underneath the latch.
  2. Ensure the torque blade is fed through the centre of the latch.
  3. Be careful as the exterior assembly does not get fastened to the door in this step; and it may fall if accidently knocked.

Exterior assembly1.png

Exterior assembly2.png

9) Place the mounting plate with the rubber side against the inside of the door.

  1. Ensure the cable is routed through the square hole in the bottom corner of the mounting plate.
  2. Use the two large screws to fasten the mounting plate to the latch; which allows the external assembly to be tightened to the outside of the door.
  3. The torque blade will be visible through the centre of the mounting plate.


13) Remove the battery cover, (ensure the batteries are not inserted).

  1. Plug the cable into the interior assembly.
  2. Place the interior assembly on to the mounting plate, ensuring that the torque blade slides into the blue plastic piece of the interior assembly, and that the interior assembly is sitting flush against the door. You may have to feed the cable into the door to ensure a flush fit.

Caution: Do not let the interior assembly hang by the cable as it is possible for the cable to break.

  1. Carefully hold the interior assembly against the door, while you use the included 3 small screws to fasten the interior assembly to the mounting plate.

Interior assembly.png

17) To ensure the lock is operating properly:

  1. Turn the locking mechanism on the interior assembly; the deadbolt should come out of the door latch.
  2. Turn the locking mechanism back to the unlocked position; the deadbolt should return into the door latch.
  3. This operation should be smooth and should not require much force.

lock test.png

  1. Ensure the latch is in the unlocked position.
  2. When the batteries are inserted (this can be done as part of the enrollment on the panel); the lock will calibrate to determine if it is installed left or right door orientation.
  3. The latch will trigger automatically and lock itself.
  4. If this does not happen, or you do not hear the latch attempt extend to calibrate; perform a reset.
  5. Use the reset tool (shown in the image on the bottom right) to press and hold the reset button (located under the battery on the far-right side).



  1. Ensure the IQ Panel is compatible with the IQ Door Lock.
  2. Navigate to: Settings > Advanced Settings > (Enter Installer or Dealer Code) > Installation > Devices > Automation. Select “Auto Learn Devices”.

Note: “Automation” is a new menu added to V4.4.0 IQ 4 and IQ 4 Hub, and V4.3.0 and higher IQ PRO.

   3. Insert the batteries into the lock (if they were already inserted, remove them and insert them again.
   4. The lock will beep and flash green on the LED next to the locking knob.
   5. The Power G ID will appear on the screen (this may take around 5 seconds), press “OK”.
   6. View and modify the parameters as required:
   7.Pin Code: Leave this blank or enter the 8-digit Pin Code printed on the sticker above the battery compartment.

  Note: If you enter the wrong Pin Code, the lock will enroll but will not work.

   8. Doorlock Volume: Enable if you want to hear beeps on the lock whenever the door is locked or unlocked.
   9. Re-Lock Timer: Select if you want the door to automatically lock after 30, 60, 120 or 180 seconds.

enrollment 1.png


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