How to setup Dual-path Communication - Cellular and IP signals?

Dual-path communication refers to a special feature on the IQ Panel that allows signals to be sent to Alarm.com and forward to a central station using two different pathways; Cellular and Wifi/IP. The advantage of using Dual-path allows for redundancy of signals as a fail-over. In addition, it can increase your signal reliability and speed. The IQ Panel is the only alarm panel on the market that has Dual-path feature technology.

From the touchscreen, use the installer code to enter Settings --> Dual-Path. Make sure it is enabled (default). And start the test. Verify the test passes on the screen and check your signals to Alarm.com and your central station.

Troubleshooting Dual-Path:

  1. Check About for current cellular signal strength and status
  2. Run a Cellular Test -- found in Settings --> System Tests -->Cellular Tests
  3. Run a Wifi test and verify connection on IQP
  4. Make sure your Internet service is working
  5. Your Wifi network password must use WPA/WPA2/SPK encryption

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