Qolsys IQ Panel 2 hard reset options

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 has additional hard reset options in the Remote Toolkit on the Partner Portal. For information on how to send a hard reset, see Send a Hard Reset command to a module.

Reboot Panel

This option will result in fully rebooting the panel. It is a safe reboot. It is suggested to try this if the touchscreen is non-responsive. This option is delayed.

Home Application

This option results in fully resetting all of the Android framework. This is not a delayed reset.

Qolsys Service

This option results in resetting much of the Qolsys software. It will not fully reset the Android layer of components. Consider using this option if some features/functions in the panel menus are not working or responsive. This is not a delayed reset.

Alarm.com Service

This option results in resetting the Alarm.com software that provides connectivity to Alarm.com and the Alarm.com services. Consider this option if Alarm.com features/services seem to be malfunctioning or incorrect. This option is delayed.

Alarm.com App

This option results in resetting the Alarm.com App that provides the options for Cellular Test, Image Sensor Configuration, Dual-Path settings. Use this option if the Alarm.com App is locked up or will not appear. This option is not delayed.

Important: This option applies to the Alarm.com App services on the panel, not the Customer mobile app.

Z-Wave Controller

This option resets the Z-Wave radio/controller. Consider using this option if the commands/functions that depend on Z-Wave do not work even when the panel says that Z-Wave is enabled. You can also try this option if the Z-Wave radio fails to enable, but consider doing a panel reboot if Z-Wave will not enable after using this option. This option is not delayed.

Cellular Radio

This option results in fully resetting the cellular radio in the panel.  Consider this option if the cellular radio appears to be intermittently failing. This option will still require some connectivity to work, so complete radio failure will require a local reboot of the panel. This option is delayed.

Image Sensor Daughterboard

This option resets the Image Sensor Daughterboard hardware/radio in the Qolsys panel. Consider this option if the Image Sensor components in the panel appear to be intermittently failing or images are not uploading. This option is not delayed.

Wi-Fi Radio

This option toggles the Wi-Fi radio to the OFF state and back to the ON state with a 15 second delay between the switch from OFF to ON.  After sending the command, the Wi-Fi state in Uploader/Downloader should reflect the end result within a minute or so after sending the command. In the case of a Dual-Path system, the Dual-Path status messages also indicate the end result of toggling the Wi-Fi radio. This option works as long as the Wi-Fi configuration was previously set up to work at the location (i.e., the SSID is working and a password is correct if necessary). This option is delayed.

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