IQ Hardwire Power G (PGXWLSHW8) - Firmware Update

Below is a step-by-step guide to upgrading the firmware on the PGXWLSHW8. Version 1.00 PGXWLSHW8 units must be updated to version 1.10 in order to support the ability to add hardwired HS2LCD N and HS2ICN N keypads. Future firmware updates should follow the same overall procedure as described in this document.

Note: PG(X)WLSHW8 represents the model number of the unit. The (X) may be a 9, 8, or 4, depending on the
geographical global market your unit was intended for.

Required Components:

  •  PGXWLSHW8 - IQ Hardwire Power G
  •  PC running Windows 7 or higher
  •  DLS 5 - Software program which facilitates the firmware update. (See below steps to download the software)
  •  PC-LINK - Serial cable and header that connects to the PGXWLSHW8.
  •  USB to serial converter - Converts the serial DB9 connector of the PC-LINK to USB for connection to modern PCs/laptops. At this time, only the USB to Serial converter that comes with the PC-LINK USB kit is recommended for use with DLS 5. See step 7 “Connecting the PC-LINK to the PGXWLSHW8” for details.

Steps to update the firmware on the PGXWLSHW8 Translator (Summary):

Step 1 - Download the DLS 5 software.
Step 2 - Connect the PC Link cable to the PGXWLSHW8 Translator and the PC/Laptop
Step 3 - Update the firmware/software via DLS 5.

Step 1 - Download the DLS 5 software.

The DLS 5 software can be downloaded from www.dsc.com. A username and password will be required to access the
installation files. The DLS 5 software is designed to run on Windows 7 and higher.

Note: If you have DLS 5 already installed, please ensure it is up to date. Open the DLS 5 software and select “Help”
then “Updates” and then “Check for updates”. Select and install the available updates to complete the process. Start
at step 2.

a - Open a web browser on the PC that the DLS 5 software will be installed on. Navigate to www.dsc.com.
Click on the “Security Professional Login” button at the top of the page.


b - If you already have a Username and Password for www.dsc.com, enter the information now and click the
“Login” button. Skip to e.

c - If you do not have a Username and Password click on the “Register now for Extended Site Access” link.


d - Enter your information on the registration page. When complete, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of
the page. Processing of your information may take up to 3 business days but is usually quicker. You should
receive an email notifying you that your Username and Password have been approved. If you do not receive
an email regarding your application within 3 business days, please contact your local Technical Account Manager
or Regional Sales Manager for assistance.

Once you receive approval of your Username and Password for www.dsc.com, login as directed in step b.


e - When logged in to the website, click on the “Download Software” link under “Quick Links”.

download software.png

f - Scroll down and click on the DLS 5 vX.XX (NA) installation file. At the time of this writing the software is DLS 5
v1.73(NA). Download and install the DLS 5 software.


Step 2 - Connecting the PC-LINK to the PGXWLSHW8 and the PC/Laptop

a - Pictured below is the kit called “PC-LINK-USB”. This kit includes the PC-LINK header, cable, DB9 connector and
USB to serial adapter. The USB to Serial adapter included in the PC-LINK kit is currently the only adapter recommended for use with the DLS 5 software.


b - Notice the orientation of the 4 pin PC-LINK header on the PGXWLSHW8 PC-LINK five pin connector. The header
must be connected on pins 2 to 4 (from left to right) and inverted to the typcial orientation for other DSC/JCI
products. Pin 1 should be sticking out alongside the PC-LINK header as in the photo.


c - Connect the other end of the PC-LINK cable to the PC. If the PC has a DB9 COM port available you can connect
the PC-Link DB9 connector directly to it. Otherwise, plug the PC-LINK DB9 into the USB to Serial DB9 connector,
and then plug the USB end into a USB port on your PC.


Step 3 - Updating the firmware with DLS 5

a - Double click on the DLS 5 icon to start the application.


b - Select “Tools” from the top toolbar and then select “Modem Manager Configuration”.

modem manager.png
c - Ensure “PCLINK” is selected in the “Type” dropdown. Choose the COM port of your USB to Serial converter
from the “Port” dropdown.

com port.png
d - Select “Tools” from the top toolbar, this time select “Flash Wizard”.

e - The Flash Utility window will appear. Click on the “Web” button.

f - Scroll down and double click on the PGXWLSHW8_V110_01_050 driver to download it into your DLS 5 flash
update files.

g - Ensure that the PGXWLSHW8 flash file is showing in the “2” field. If not, select “browse” and select the file from
the location you saved it to in the previous step. Once loaded, click “Next”.

Select pg8.png

h - The Flash Utility will connect to the PGXWLSHW8 and show the current firmware version, and the version the
unit will be updated to. Click “Next”.

i - Wait for the update to complete. This will take a few minutes.

j - When the update is complete, the status at the bottom of the Flash Utility window will show “Finished”. The
current version of the PGXWLSHW8 will also show in the window beside “Program Version”. Click “Finish” to
complete the process. You can now disconnect the PC-LINK header.

k - An easy way to verify the current version of firmware on a PGXWLSHW8 is to connect the PC-LINK and initiate
step 16. The Flash Utility will show the current firmware version as above. The version is also viewable from
within the dealer programming of the IQ Panel 2+ if the PGXWLSHW8 has already been enrolled.


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