TSB #: 220411
DATE: 04/11/22

Release Notes:

New Features:

• Support for PGxWLSHW8 & PGxHRDW8 PowerG Wired to Wireless Module firmware version 1.2. This will
allow for connection of up to four (4) HSM2108 zone expanders and one (1) HSM2300 power supplies per
module; increasing the total possible PowerG hardwire to wireless zone count from 16 to 80. Also added
“Temperature” as a hardwire Sensor Type and Flood Emergency as a PGM Output Rule trigger
• New configurable end user page on the Panel for IQ WiFi that shows network status, allows connection to the
Guest network via QR code and ability to run a speed test
• Sensors can now be individually bypassed from the Alarm.com app at the time of arming
• Doorbell Camera pop up notifications on the Panel now have a dedicated volume slider. This allows for
independent control of Doorbell ringing volume from the main Panel volume (chimes and voices)
• Added support for QR code scanning for IQ WiFi connection
• Added support for the new PowerG Wireless Photoelectric Beam Detectors (PG9200AX & PG9350SL)
• Ability to select a specific cellular network from the Alarm.com backend (Manual Network Selection) and keep
the panel connected to this cellular network, ignoring other available networks
• Added the ability to use scenes for gate control and audio control on the Panel


• Updated PowerG Radio Firmware Version to 82.8 which fixes an issue related to PG9975 early low battery.
See TSB 220229 for more information: https://dealers.qolsys.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/ TSB-220229-PowerG-8118-PG9975-Early-Low-Battery.pdf
• Includes IQ WiFi firmware 1.1.0 which allows IQ WiFi to update independently from Panel Software in the
• Improvement to IQ Remote connectivity by automatically toggling WiFi off/on when the remote keypad loses
communication with the Panel
• Thermostat UI on the Panel can now show half degree increments where needed
• Added messaging on the Alarm.com history to show when Exit Delay is complete
• When disarming from the Panel during Nighttime Mode, the Panel will not emit any chime or beep
• Proximity Tag Management moved from the Security Sensors page to the User Management page, which
allows end users to more easily manage Prox Tags without the need for an Installer Code
• Addressed an issue where under certain conditions the temperature history from PGx905 would not display
on Alarm.com
• Added the ability to utilize PowerG sirens (PGx901, PGx911) to annunciate Trouble Beeps
• Added new motion detector Sensor Groups (43 Away-Instant, Stay-Delay, 44 Away-Instant Interior)
• When Swinger Shutdown is Disabled, Panel will transmit up to 128 alarms per zone per arming period
• Panel Wi-Fi signal strength on Alarm.com now matches the signal strength value from the Panel
• Panel Wi-Fi encouragement features can be disabled in cases where no Wi-Fi is present at the installation
• PowerG PIR CAM’s (PGx934(P), NEXT CAM PG2, NEXT CAM K9-85 PG2, BW-IRC, BW-IPC, PGx944, TOWER
CAM PG2, BW-ODC) will now send up to 6 alarm images to the Alarm.com backend for each trip during the
same arming period. Previously, only images from the first alarm trip were sent.
• KP241 keypad LED now follows the Panel arming state
• Panel Camera disarm photo is captured on next motion when disarming from secondary keypads
• Panel Camera now captures a Alarm Photo during a Duress Code event
• Addressed an issue where a Wifi Comm Fail notification was present on EN Grade 2 systems that had DualPath turned off
• For EN Grade 2 systems with Final Exit Door Arming enabled, added the ability to arm partitions without
having to trip an Entry/Exit zone
• EN Grade 2 systems now support Duress Codes and a new Duress Authentication Setting
• For EN Grade 2 systems where Final Exit Door Arming & Scenes are enabled, you can now arm using
Alarm.com without needing to trip an Entry/Exit zone
• Anti-Masking is now supported (On/Off) for PowerG motion sensors that support this feature
• Modified Detection Sensitivity to Detection Counter (1 event/2 event) for all PowerG motions detectors that
support this feature
• Added the ability to program the auxiliary input terminal on the PGx945 and PGx309 as Shock, High Temp or
Low Temp Sensor Types
• Added several improvements when using PowerG Wire-Free Keypads (WS9LCDWFx & HS2LCDWFx) and
hardwired CORBUS Keypads (HS2LCD & HS2ICN):
    • Arming with a code now arms the system to Away, unless the Auto Stay setting is enabled and the premise
      is not vacated during the Exit Delay, then the system will arm Stay
    • Fixed an issue where keypads could show a false low battery alert from a paired Bluetooth phone
    • Exit delay beep sounds now follow the main panel when “Exit Sounds” are disabled
• Support for EU Z-Wave heating control, hot water boilers and thermostatic radiator valves (TRV), keeping all
linked devices in sync
• Correct Zone ID number is now transmitted to the Central Station as part of a Zone trouble/restore message
for CORBUS keypads
• Increased the Z-Wave Thermostat Limit from 10 to 40 devices
• Improved handling for the Z-Wave Aeotec Smart Switch 6
• Changes to Spanish and Portuguese language translations

Update Instructions:

Compatibility Note: Your IQ Panel must be on software version 2.0.1 or higher and connected to Wi-Fi to install
this update wirelessly. Panels running 2.5.0 & 2.5.1 must be updated to 2.5.3 first, then they can be updated
directly to 2.7.0
1- Swipe down from the top of the screen and touch “Settings"
2- Touch “Advanced Settings”
3- Enter a valid installer code (default is 1111)
4- Touch "Upgrade Software"
5 -Touch “Patch Tag” and enter the patch iqpanel2.7.0 then touch OK
6- Touch "Upgrade Using Network" (panel must be connected to Wi-Fi). Update will download and install
7- Once complete touch "OK" to reboot the panel. DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN. The update process will
take approximately 5 minutes. After the panel reboots the home screen will appear and the LED will turn green.

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