TSB #: 220727
DATE: 07/27/22


We are pleased to introduce IQ Pro, the new hybrid panel combining the IQ Platform, PowerSeries Neo and
years of experiences that Johnson Controls has in the hybrid security market. IQ Pro addresses the needs of
commercial, SMB, large residential/custom homes, campuses, and K-12 markets. IQ Pro is now available to a
limited number of our most valued customers in North America prior to the full launch and wide release.
IQ Pro supports PowerG’s advanced sensor technology with industry-leading wireless range with an extensive
portfolio of life safety and security devices. It also supports traditional hardwired sensors and addressable loop
sensors based on JCI’s MX technology.

IQ Pro provides installers the flexibility to connect over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, while simultaneously communicating
via LTE. The industry’s best dual path connectivity improves redundancy and reliability. Integration with the
Alarm.com commercial services platform, delivering best in class remote connectivity, management, and access.
IQ Pro redefines the commercial category for Johnson Controls Security Product lineup bringing flexible
architecture enabling future hardware, expanding software innovations and integrations.

Installation Instructions:

• To ensure that IQ Pro can receive firmware updates remotely, including in the event of a cellular disruption,
all panels MUST be connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
• IQ Pro can only be programmed utilizing the IQ Local Installer Interface, thru Alarm.com MobileTech or the
Alarm.com dealer portal
• To install the IQ Local Installer Interface – Please scan the applicable QR Code located at the bottom of
this document

Soft Launch Notes:



IQ Pro is fully programmable using the smartphone/tablet interface IQ Installer available at no charge from iOS
and Android App Stores. The IQ Installer leverages local connection enabling easy access to system information
and configuration screens.

Local Installer Interface:

App Store:

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ iq-installer/id1548516054

app store.png

Android Play:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=com.visonic.configurator.alarm_in.qolsys& hl=en_US&gl=US



• FCC Part 15 Subpart B and ISED Canada ICES-03 Digital Emissions Class B compliance
• UL/ULC Residential Fire and Burglary (UL985/UL1023/ULC-S304 Security Level I)
• UL Commercial Burglary UL2610 (Mercantile/Financial Central Station) with Encrypted Communication Line
Security (using 180s supervision with supervising station and AES 256-bit encryption)
• ULC Commercial Burglary Security Level II, Communication Line Security Level Passive P1 or Active A1-A3
(using 180s supervision with SRC receiver, 90s heartbeat and AES 256-bit encryption)
• NIST Validation for AES 256-bit encryption algorithm implementation
• CSFM Listing for Residential Fire applications
• PTCRB certification
• AT&T and Verizon Network approvals

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