Configure PowerG PIR camera images

  1. Log into the Customer Website.
  2. Click Automation.
  3. Click **Rules,**if not selected already.
  4. To enable/disable PowerG PIR camera alarm images, click the toggle switch for the Panel Camera Alarm ImageUploads automation rules. Note: Since Peek-ins are manually requested, the Peek-ins rule is always enabled. In the following example, the PIR camera is namedMotion Detector and is enabled for both rules, along with the panel camera.   ADC_IQP2_PowerG PIR rules.PNG
  5. To configure recipient notifications:
    1. Click Edit for the automation rule to configure.
    2. Click + Add Recipient.
    3. Select any recipients to be notified from the Address Bookdropdown. If the intended recipient is not listed, click + Newto add a new recipient address.
    4. Once desired recipients are selected, click Close.
    5. Click Save.

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