IQ Remote disconnecting often from the IQ Panel 2/2+

IQ Remote disconnecting often from IQ Panel?

Panel version must be on software version **2.5.2**. This minimizes the chances of losing connection from an IQ remote. It also increases the chances of it to reconnect to the panel by itself. 1.
Wi-Fi range is **crucial**. If the keypad is too far from the Wi-Fi it will continuously fail.
  1. Always use 2.4G, not 5G. 2.4G has better range, 5G has better speed. We do not need speed here, we need range. If the router has one SSID that means that it is on multi-frequency mode. Devices switch between 2.4G or 5G depending on what is more convenient. This kills our keypad connection so make sure to split Wi-Fi to 2.4G SSID, and a 5G SSID. I.E.Smithwifi2.4G and Smithwifi5G.
  2. It also helps to assign a reserved IP to the IQ devices on the router.
  3. If there is not enough range you can try adding a Wi-Fi router with a stronger signal or adding access points. Many prefer one strong router. There are some newer routers that use PMF (Protected Frame Management) as part of the encryption when pairing to the router. IQ Remote does not support PMF so they won’t pair to these routers. Avoid for now using those routers (latest technology usually known as AX technology), Qolsys is trying to make them compatible on version 2.5.3. The current workaround is to simply turn off PMF at the router or use a router without that technology.
  4. Some customers are using different mesh Wi-Fi extenders to increase the Wi-Fi range. I.E Nest Wi-Fi – Mesh router by Google or Netgear WiFi Mesh Extender. Some Mesh routers work really well with IQ Panel, like EERO, Velop and others, but Google and Netgear are not recommended for use in combination with the IQ Remote.
With 2.4G Wi-Fi reaching properly the panel and the secondary keypad and both on version 2.5.2, your secondary keypads should be very stable. I hope this helps you and your customers having issues with the secondary keypad.

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