IQ Wifi 6 unable to connect to the internet

If devices connected to the IQ WiFi 6 network cannot access the Internet, verify the Internet connection is working by using the following steps:

1) Launch a web browser (Chrome recommended) from a computer or Wi-Fi device that is connected to the network.
2) Enter the default gateway address (, and a login window opens.
3) Enter the IQ WiFi 6 admin username and password.
    > The default username is admin, and the default password is the S/N printed on the bottom label of the Controller. The
        username and password are case-sensitive.
4) Once the home screen is displayed, click Network, then Advanced.
5) On the Advanced home page, check that an IP address is shown for the WAN Internet IPv4 section. If is shown, the     IQ WiFi 6 did not obtain an IP address from the Internet service provider (ISP).
6) If the IQ WiFi 6 cannot obtain an IP address from the ISP, restart the network to force the cable or DSL modem to recognize     the new IQ WiFi 6. Reboot the device locally.
    > The IQ WiFi 6 network can be rebooted remotely using the Partner Portal, MobileTech app, or Customer Website. The         network can also be rebooted locally at the device or using the web interface.
7) If the IQ WiFi 6 is still unable to obtain an IP address from the ISP, the problem might be one of the following:
    > The Internet service provider (ISP) might require a login program. Ask the ISP whether they require PPP over Ethernet         (PPPoE) or some other type of login.
    > If the ISP requires a login, the login name and password might be set incorrectly.

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