TSB #: 220228
DATE: 02/28/22

Release Notes:

New Features:

• Support for PGxWLSHW8 & PGxHRDW8 PowerG Wired to Wireless Module firmware version 1.2. This will
allow for connection of up to four (4) HSM2108 zone expanders and one (1) HSM2300 power supplies per
module; increasing the total possible PowerG hardwire to wireless zone count from 16 to 80. Also added
“Temperature” as a hardwire Sensor Type and Flood Emergency as a PGM Output Rule trigger
• Photo Frame Screensaver images can now be loaded wirelessly from a mobile device or computer to the Panel
via the built-in Panel Access Point
• Sensors can now be individually bypassed from the Alarm.com app at the time of arming
• New “Voltage Input Test” under System Tests that measures input voltage at the Panel
• Doorbell Camera pop up notifications on the Panel now have a dedicated volume slider. This allows for
independent control of Doorbell ringing volume from the main Panel volume (chimes and voices)
• Added support for QR code scanning for IQ WiFi connection
• Added the ability to control the Panel’s advanced Wi-Fi settings (frequency selection and PMF) from the
Alarm.com backend
• Added a new Night Light setting to display warmer colors
• Added support for the new PowerG Wireless Photoelectric Beam Detectors (PG9200AX & PG9350SL)
• Added the ability to use scenes for gate control and audio control on the Panel
• Fixed an issue where under certain conditions the temperature history from PGx905 would not display on
• Option to enable/disable PMF (protected management frame) on the Panel under Wi-Fi settings
• New setting to allow Z-Wave frequency selection based on country
• Added the ability to utilize PowerG sirens (PGx901, PGx911) to annunciate Trouble Beeps
• Panel Access Point can now be connected to by scanning an on-screen QR code
• Adaptive brightness using the Panel Ambient Light Sensor is now enabled by default
• PowerG PIR CAM’s (PGx934(P), NEXT CAM PG2, NEXT CAM K9-85 PG2, BW-IRC, BW-IPC, PGx944, TOWER
CAM PG2, BW-ODC) will now send alarm images to the Alarm.com backend for each trip during the same alarm
period. Previously, only images from the first alarm trip were sent.
• Added new motion detector Sensor Groups (43, 44 & 45) for non EN Grade 2 installs
• Modified Detection Sensitivity to Detection Counter (1 event/2 event) for all PowerG motions detectors that
support this feature
• Added the ability to program the auxiliary input terminal on the PGx945 and PGx309 as Shock, High Temp or
Low Temp Sensor Types
• Increased the Z-Wave Thermostat Limit from 10 to 40 devices
• Support for VoLTE when using Telus and Bell SIM cards
• Added several improvements when using PowerG Wire-Free Keypads (WS9LCDWFx & HS2LCDWFx) and
hardwired CORBUS Keypads (HS2LCD & HS2ICN):
• Arming with a code now arms the system to Away, unless the Auto Stay setting is enabled and the premise
is not vacated during the Exit Delay, then the system will arm Stay
• Fixed an issue where keypads could show a false low battery alert from a paired Bluetooth phone
• Exit delay beep sounds now follow the main panel when “Exit Sounds” are disabled
• Panel Wi-Fi encouragement features can be disabled in cases where no Wi-Fi is present at the installation
• Improvements to Two-Way Voice call DTMF commands and siren disable timing
• Support for EU Z-Wave heating control, hot water boilers and thermostatic radiator valves (TRV)
• Added Hebrew localization

Update Instructions:

Compatibility Note: Your IQ Panel must be on software version 4.0.0 or higher and connected to Wi-Fi to install
this update wirelessly.
1- Swipe down from the top of the screen and touch “Settings"
2- Touch “Advanced Settings”
3- Enter a valid installer code (default is 1111)
4- Touch "Upgrade Software"
5 -Touch “Patch Tag” and enter the patch iqpanel4.1.0 then touch OK
6- Touch "Upgrade Using Network" (panel must be connected to Wi-Fi). Update will download and install
7- Once complete touch "OK" to reboot the panel. DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN. The update process will take
approximately 5 minutes. After the panel reboots the home screen will appear and the LED will turn green

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