Upgrade Using SD Card

  • Insert an SD Card into your computer. (We recommend a class 4 or higher SDHC card with 4gb-16gb of storage)
  • Download the latest software from http://dealers.qolsys.com. (Login required)
  • Once the file has finished downloading right click to "Unzip" or "Open"
  • Drag unzipped files and copy to the SD card. Make sure all other folders or files have been removed from the card, then proceed to "Safely - Remove".
  • Insert the SD Card into the back left side of your panel.
  • Touch "Settings" on the IQ Panel. (Enter installer code)
  • Touch "Installation" then "Upgrade Software"
  • Touch "Upgrade Via SD Card" (Panel will search for the patch and then download automatically)
  • Once complete select "OK" on the pop-up to approve software installation and panel reboot.
  • Next eject the SD Card by entering the "Settings" then "SD Card" menu, then "Safely Remove"
Aug 17, 2023

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